Welcome all students to your campus and setup a social onboarding

Connect students to each other through groups, clubs, chats, and forums.

Welcome students to campus with an in-app onboarding

Introduce students to campus and student life by matching their interests to all the activities on and around campus. Thereby, integrating students directly into your community.

Mobile Application

Available for all students to download and supports SSO.

Content Backend

Your backend tool to manage, edit, and control all content.

Allow students to chat with other students or in groups

When students first come to campus they can meet new students or ask their housing or finance questions. That way it lowers the burden on your student support department!

Get students involved in clubs, associations, and activities

Student-to-student interaction is the most important way to ensure that students integrate into student life. That way the students build their own support networks.

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How does it actually all work?

Mobile app

A personalized application that give students access at any time.

News & Announcements

All groups, communities, and other users can share any news with their group or a specific group of students.

Overview of events, associations, & clubs

See which associations, clubs, or groups are all active at the university. Reach out to the boards or committees with any questions!

Student & group chats

Chat in groups or directly to with likeminded students if you have any questions or are looking to get involved.

Push Notifications

As an institution you have a direct line of communication by send a push notification to their mobiles.

Whitelabel & limit access

Ensure the environment is only accessed by your students and is whitlabeled to match your branding.

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